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Today, I tried to import my posts from WordPress to Blogspot.

Why would I want to do that when I already have mastered blogging here at wordpress? well, let’s just say that I am human and therefore, I can never wholly be satisfied.

I did everything to the letter and got all my posts safely imported to blogspot but when it came to the share buttons….

I just couldn’t get the Tumblr share button to appear. I read somewhere that sharing from blogspot to tumblr was sort of impossible, BUT I already saw several blogs who had the tumblr share button. I know basic html but I don’t know where to place the stupid html for the button.

Grrrr… talk about frustration to the highest level.

Tell me how to put this button in blogspot!?


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Happy 200th! Pride & Prejudice

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife…”

Two hundred years later. This book is by far the best love story ever written. Every girl has dreamed of her very own Mr. Darcy and aspired to be just like Lizzie.

~how i wish i still have my first copy of P&P. Someone borrowed it from me in high school and never returned it. It may not have been a very beautiful cover, but it was bought from my measly allowance.

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Here’s another Book GIVEAWAY!!


Happy Anniversary to the owners of BOOKAHOLICS

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Take the Plunge

Last 2012 was an interesting reading experience for me. And while I did read a couple of YA titles and other genres here and there, my list for 2012 is significantly dominated by paranormal romances and urban fantasy series. These titles are geared towards the more adult readers, which when I sincerely pondered on was age-appropriate considering I already six years and a score. (in tumblr years i’m bordering on ancient, aren’t I?) Originally, I had planned to finish 25 books, since I was busy (a lazy ass) the first half of the year. I ended up finishing at 62. So pardon me if I’m feeling a little celebratory due to this feat.

On with my reading challenge for 2013.

While I’m starting my challenge at 30 books, I still plan to go full throttle and read as many as I can. (i think my “inbetween jobs” status in the beginning of this year will land me with more books read) To date, I’m feeling that I’m not yet done with the PNR genre. Finally I’ve convinced myself that I’m ready to read Sherrilyn Kenyon’s series. I don’t know why I’ve put reading these books on hold. I’ve seen these books whenever I’m on Goodreads and whenever I’m out hunting books at the bookstore. To all Dark Hunter fans out there, wish me luck. I’m actually making this post because I want to like this series so much.

So here’s to me taking that step

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2012 Book Challenge Update

I’m quite embarrassed of the status of my reading challenge this year. If anyone has checked my goodreads account, you might have noticed that last year I challenged myself to read 50 BOOKS! . That’s like one book per week. Though I would generally describe myself as an avid reader, completing my challenge didn’t come easy. I got caught up with human activities like work and socializing with other people, those kind of stuff.

I did finish it. So, hurray for me! Last year I picked up a short paperback on speed reading to improve my skill. Other than books, I have plenty of reading to do at work so it was really to my advantage.

Onward to the topic at hand, this year I was so engrossed in watching Korean dramas that I literally finished full series in, give or take, 2-3 days time (more on Korean drama and everything korean in another post). With that and my utter lack of enthusiasm to pick up new titles, I decided to forgo my reading challenge for this year. But since I have a fickle mind (so they say) and lack of anything to do, I decided to read for leisure purposes.

Since I started late and I am not too ambitious, my reading challenge for this year is to finish 20 books.

Look how pretty these book covers are!

All of the titles belong to YA genre, though. I’m thinking of reading something not YA for my next book.

    Suggestions anyone??

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A new beginning

This is my very first post.

I’ve been wanting to move to wordpress ever since my LJ account has been deactivated. Finally,  I made the leap!

Unlike my previous blog, I hope I can update this one as frequent as possible. I’ll be posting stuff on my tumblog <you can find it here –> or reviews that I write (which could be mostly about books, movies and asian dramas that I’m so addicted to)

Anyhow, this introduction is over. Time to start turning fresh pages.


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