True Blood S05E06 – Hopeless

A new episode of True Blood, finally. I was really excited for this episode because of all the buzz and excitement that went on Comic Con during the weekend. Before I got to watch this episode, I watched the teaser trailer for the second half of the season. Really–all I can say was “WOAH?!”. If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet, here it is:

Anyways, let’s get back to the new episode called “Hopeless”.

We get to see what happens to the Scooby gang (–> who didn’t realize this while watching last week’s ep?) Sookie, Eric, Bill and Alcide + Doug after meeting Russel E. Over at Fangtasia, GIRL FIGHT!! Score 1 for Tara because Mama Pam said she made her proud. Hoyt is still going through his angsty yet really pathetic fangbanger phase.

What I liked about this episode:

Lots of Eric Northman scenes. Eric glamouring Alcide.

Emma, that little wolf. She is so adorable! Well, both the kid and the wolf puppy.

The exchange between Lafayette and her mom.
Ruby Jean to Lafayette: Jesus is in trouble! Save Jesus!

What I didn’t like about this episode:

Not too excited about the feys. I dunno, maybe I’m still not over the fact that they killed off Claudine almost immediately. (I really liked Claudine in the books.)

It might have been a good scene, Terry and Arlene’s, but I’m not really digging this Ifrit arc. I get that other characters need to have their moments too but can’t other people just stick with human problems?

Vampire “au-tho-ree-tayh” celebrating after the successful capture of Russel E. But wait, Guardian Roman, what is up with your blue polo shirt? Seriously, costume department? He should never wear anything other than pressed suits. (can’t have him looking like that if he, should he escape crazy ol’ Russel E next episode, is going to stab any vampire chancellors

What i will be watching out for next episode:

Who the hell are those haters who shot the shifters and why?

Who was the vampire on the bridge the night that Sookie’s parent’s died?

Will Roman die? I kinda hope not

RATING: out of 5


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